William Stubbs

Social impact strategist, writer and speaker. Co-founder, spur: group.




Panel on worldwide rates of depression in youth at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, January 2018.


William is social impact strategist, mental health advocate, and Co-Founder and Director of spur: and spur:org.

After childhood experience with suicidality and depression, William co-founded the award-winning mental health non-profit spur:org in 2011. The organisation’s mission is to tackle the growing problem of suicide and mental illness in Australia and beyond. As a self-funded organisation, spur:org is free to try new and innovative approaches that have resulted in reshaping the narrative around public mental health campaigns.

To fund the non-profit’s growing efforts, William launched a second company, spur: - a profit-for-purpose strategy agency that works with some of the largest governments, corporates, and non-profits worldwide to solve complex social issues through research, strategy, and design. spur: strategists tackle topics such as sustainability, child wellbeing and security, global civil rights, corporate mental health, and more.
spur:’s achievements have included producing the world’s first open-source real time global mental health database, developing impact metrics for WWF’s Earth Hour campaign, producing a record-breaking volunteer project for elderly care, and developing a low-cost mental health aid kit for refugee camps.
William is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and Davos Annual Meeting panelist, a Gates Foundation Goalkeeper, and has represented young Australians at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in Berlin while acting as the Digital Brisbane Ambassador to the German start-up community.

In 2017, William was a founding Global Talent for the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Denmark, a Talent Facilitator in Singapore 2018, and continues to act as a program mentor and evaluator for young change makers.

William has been awarded the Jude Bugeja Peer Experience Award for mental health campaigning, named a Paul Harris Fellow, and nominated for the Australian Mental Health Prize.



In 2011, William co-founded what would become spur: - a group of organisations working towards a world that is fair, sustainable and well. Collectively, spur:'s work has reached 40 million people worldwide, across 105 countries and tracked 115,000+ instances of positive behavioural change.


A strategy and design house, spur: designs behavioural change and impact measurement strategies for business, NGOs and government to solve the world's most complex social challenges.

spur: works with clients ranging from WWF International to Google to government bodies to deliver innovative and insightful strategy for social good. spur: has developed innovative campaigns for foster care, sustainability metrics for Earth Hour and employee wellbeing programs. A profit-for-purpose business, 5% of spur: revenue and 20% of employee time is committed to non-profit ventures in spur:org.


Large scale behavioural change non-profit. Established in 2011, spur:org works to create change in mental health through measureable and actionable impact projects. spur:org has received numerous awards and recognition by the Australian Federal Government, World Economic Forum and Gates Foundation.


There are more than sixty-five million people around the world who are living as refugees or displaced peoples. All of them have experienced trauma and many have high levels of PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Borne out of the inaugural Unleash Innovation Lab for the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals in Denmark, August 2017, Afterain is an innovative and scalable tool designed to provide subversive mental health support to the millions of people currently living in refugee and displacement camps around the world.

Afterain is a forthcoming flagship project via spur:org.



Speaking about ethics in tech for the Chair in Digital Economy

Speaking about ethics in tech for the Chair in Digital Economy


Silver Award - Health
Unleash Lab SDG Solution Pitches, 2017

Create Change Award
Young Achievers Awards, Finalist, 2017

Top Young Social Entrepreneur

Business News, 2016

Australian Mental Health Prize
Nominee, 2016

Paul Harris Fellow

Jude Bugeja Peer Excellence Award
Mental Health Week Achievement Awards 2016

Youth Contribution Award
Australasian Men's Health Forum, 2013

Social Innovation Award
Deloitte, 2013



Global Shapers Annual Summit, Geneva 2018

Global Shapers Annual Summit, Geneva 2018


World Economic Forum
Global Shaper & World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Speaker

Gates Foundation
SDG Goalkeeper

Unleash SDG Innovation Lab
Facilitator, 2018

Unleash SDG Innovation Lab
Global Talent, 2017



Ambassador to the Startup Community, Berlin
Digital Brisbane

G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance

Telstra Foundation





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