When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.


-Elon Musk


Spur Projects is an evolving idea.


We believe that to tackle the rate of suicide amongst men in Australia, bold new approaches to suicide prevention are required.

We want to help you change the world.


Creative consultancy and think-tank helping organisations create bespoke, social-change campaigns and initiatives with real impact.


How is the World Feeling?


A world first (we’ve actually lodged a Guiness World Record claim) real time mental health survey. Using a custom smartphone app we surveyed the world to build an open source database of emotions with the aim of improving mental health services and developing never been seen insights into trends and mental illness patterns. In the week of launch we collected 11,000 users across 105 countries, localised for 9 different languages and hundreds of local support services availabe through the app. At the end of the week we had close to 60,000 submissions. All of this on a shoe string budget.


Transportation Future Visioning


Over the course of fifteen months I was engaged by a large state government transportation department to research the future of transportation and help develop a vision of the next five and ten years.


This included helping develop a culture of innovation and futurism, hundreds of hours of workshop facilitation and lots of me talking about autonomous vehicle networks, drone delivery, digital identification, biosecurity and 3D printing. It was pretty fun.



Indigenous Business Accelerator


As an advisor to Indigenous business accelerator Barayamal, I’m helping the organisation to grow and establish itself as a sustainable and effective social enterprise.


Soften the Fck Up


The very first Spur Projects campaign, launched way back in 2011 - a catch cry to men to shrug off the stereotype of ‘toughening up’ and to embrace their feelings. The campaign was launched with a series of videos, a facebook page and online resources. This won a few awards and was covered in national and international media.




Two weeks after How is the World Feeling? we hosted a two-day DataHack in Brisbane (Australia) for industry, business, government, creatives and the public to come together in a friendly competition to analyse, understand, visualise and create action from the 57,000 data entries.


Porous teams with diverse skills then organically formed team to explore their questions over the two days.



  • Australian Smart Communities Association Smart Cities Framework

  • Governmental Organisational Future Proofing Policy Reviews

  • Local Community Social Impact Review and Strategy Recommendations


  • Infrastructure Pipeline Review for State Government, focusing on problem of prison overpopulation


  • Strategy advice for a national male mental health project

  • Documentary series development on the subject of social enterprise

  • Indigenous Business Accelerator Pitch Night

  • Indigenous Tech Hackathon

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