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-Benjamin Franklin

All These Bad Ideas

Almost being eaten alive by bullsharks. That will.i.am onesie party in Macau. Busting an ankle before the Paris half-marathon.


Not everything goes to plan. In fact, in William's experience, rarely anything does. But failure, in all its forms, provides both valuable lessons and hilarious stories.


In this book, William recounts all the ways plans fall apart and all the big failures of his life - from failed first love to the tribulations of starting a social enterprise and all the misadventures in-between.




Coming 2017

It's Dangerous

to Go Alone

In the near future, virtual reality has progressed to be almost indistinguishable from the real world. The most popular massively multiplayer online world is Throne of Black Glass - home to millions.


Victoria Okonjo is a game moderator - tasked with fixing bugs and answering customer service requests in game. For Victoria, an avid Throne fan and anxiety sufferer,  its the perfect job with all the virtual perks. That is, until a number of her colleagues around the world begin to disappear and Victoria is sucked into a murderous plot that threatens everyone - even in the real world.


A science fiction detective story, It's Dangerous to Go Alone explores the intersection of mental health in a digitally connected world and pays homage to the virtual places many of us grew up in.




Coming 2017

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