Co-founder, Technical Director

Spur:Labs is a creative consultancy and think-tank helping organisations create bespoke, social-change campaigns and initiatives with real impact.


We've worked with clients across all sectors to help create real change through campaign design, strategy advice and impact measurement - through design and systems thinking and our own methodologies.


We're always open to speaking with new clients - but only work on projects with tangible social impact.

Spur Projects

Co-founder, Chief Engagement Officer

Spur Projects is an award-winning mental health non-profit.


We believe that to tackle the rate of suicide amongst men in Australia, bold new approaches to suicide prevention are required.


Since 2011 Spur Projects has pushed the envelope on mental health in the public space, producing cutting edge campaigns and initiatives to create real change in our approach to mental illness and suicide prevention.



There are more than sixty-five million people around the world who are living as refugees or displaced peoples. All of them have experienced trauma and have high levels of PTSD, depression and anxiety.


Borne out of the inaugural Unleash Innovation Lab for the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals in Denmark, August 2017, Afterain is an innovative and scalable tool designed to provide subversive mental health support to the millions of people currently living in refugee and displacement camps around the world.



William Stubbs is an award-winning social entrepreneur, writer, speaker and caffeine addict.


William is the Co-Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of the acclaimed mental health non-profit Spur Projects - now known for its cutting-edge mental health campaigns that have reached  more than 40 million people in six years - as well as Technical Director of social impact consultancy Spur:Labs that specialises in helping organisations understand and create real social change.


An avid activist for mental health, William has been recognised with the Jude Bugeja Mental Health Week Award, nominated for the Australian Mental Health Prize and in 2016 William was named a Top Young Social Entrepreneur by Business News Australia.


A World Economic Forum Global Shaper and Telstra Foundation Ambassador, William has represented young Australians at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in Berlin and acted as the Digital Brisbane Ambassador to the German start-up community. In 2017 he was  invited to the 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland as one of the 'Davos 50' Global Shapers.


In 2017 William was selected to join the Unleash Innovation Lab in Denmark to work on groundbreaking solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where his team’s concept, Afterain, won a second place prize.


William has appeared in a range of media, from the ABC prime time doco-series mental health series Man Up to Women’s Health and Fitness to the South China Morning Post.


Silver Award - Health

Unleash Lab SDG Solution Pitches, 2017


Create Change Award

Young Achievers Awards, Finalist, 2017


Top Young Social Entrepreneur

Business News, 2016


Australian Mental Health Prize

Nominee, 2016


Cosmopolitan Media Bachelor of the Year

Nominee, 2016


Jude Bugeja Peer Excellence Award

Mental Health Week Achievement Awards 2016


Youth Contribution Award

Australasian Men's Health Forum, 2013


Social Innovation Award

Deloitte, 2013


World Economic Forum Annual Summit, Davos

Global Shaper Invitee


Junket Participant 2017



Unleash SDG Innovation Lab

Global Talent, 2017


G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance



Ambassador to the Startup Community, Berlin

Digital Brisbane


World Economic Forum

Global Shaper


Telstra Foundation









Spur Projects